Q&A with Kate Cameron


Photo by Andrew Klaver/2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Kate Cameron is a Canadian curler from Thompson, Manitoba. She is a 2017 Manitoba Provincial Champion and 2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts silver medallist. She currently plays third on Team Englot. Check out my Q&A with her below! 

KK: How did you get into curling?

KC: I grew up in Northern Manitoba in a small town called Gillam. My dad was a big rink rat and spent most of his evenings there. Since I was basically old enough to walk he’d bring me to the club and throw with me and try to teach me the basics. Ever since then I’ve been hooked.

KK: What do you like to do when you’re not playing?

KC: Relax with my friends and family! It’s hard to spend time with loved ones when you’re constantly on the road. Even harder living up north, I have an extra two days of travel to still get to and from Thompson after weekends on the road.

KK: What was the most difficult moment you’ve experienced in curling?

KC: Losing the 2016 MB Scotties Provincial Final after being exactly where we wanted to be. It was tough for my team to play so good in the round robin and the 1v.2 game then unfortunately I played one of my worst games of the week in the final.

KK: What was your favourite shot you’ve been part of?

KC: A few come to mind here… Michelle made a pistol draw to the lid against Rachel Homan in the quarter-finals of the 2016 Tour Challenge that eventually allowed us to steal the win against Rachel.

KK: Describe what your experience was like at your first Scotties.

KC: Unreal. It was everything I dreamed of and then some! Truly an amazing event and I am so grateful to have finally experienced it.

KK: What was your favourite part about the Scotties?

KC: The entire team experience. Good or bad, win or lose my team does it all together. Being experts there, they truly guided me along through the week and helped me stay calm in what are very exciting moments. This way I feel like I had a really good opportunity to take every moment in – from the opening ceremonies to standing on the podium. Plus, the jewelry was pretty sweet too!

KK: What is something people would find surprising about you?

KC: That I’m actually a big baby! I’m of basically scared of anything – being home alone, bugs, animals (except dogs ha), spooky things, being startled….

KK: What is one rule you would change about curling if you had the chance?

KC: Hog lines – ha.

KK: What is your favourite event to play in?

KC: Well now, I might say the Scotties! But the Grand Slams are wicked fun too!

KK: What is your favourite part about curling?

KC: Friendships. You become pretty close with your teammates, you spend more time with them than your spouses and families. It sure makes dedicating your time to a sport you love more rewarding when you are able to do it with 3 people who are sacrificing the same things you are and are appreciating each and every moment with you.


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