scotties bound


Photo by CurlManitoba

If someone told me at the beginning of CreComm I’d be going to the Scotties, it’d be insanely hard to believe. In 2015, I deferred school so I could curl competitively with Cathy Overton-Clapham. The following year, I finally decided to go to school after shedding a few thousand tears knowing I was giving up the sport I love. I was convinced school would take me away from the game. Oddly enough, it was the exact opposite.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to join Team Englot this year as their fifth. I went to practices, spared in a couple of spiels, and even got to play a game in provincials with them. These girls (and Coach Ron) have worked so hard to reach their goal. Not only that, but they have made me feel 100% part of their team from day one. Being a fifth can be awkward at times because you’re not entirely sure of what your place is. But these girls have been very welcoming and I’m so thankful they’ve asked me to join them on their search for a maple leaf.

I’m excited to be able to help them in any way I can at nationals. Thank you Team Englot for letting me experience my first Scotties. St. Catharines, here we come.



3 thoughts on “scotties bound”

  1. Great job on the articles Krysten, good luck at the Scotties. You never know when you may be needed.I’m sure they are happy to have you as their back up if needed.


  2. Congrats on the hard work . So your dreams of working hard at school lead you to playing in the Scotties. The journey of life doesn’t prepare us for the surprises in the twists and turns, dips and bumps along the way. Fabulous to hear you’re going to participate in the Scotties. Keep your eyes and ears open and life will lead to unexpected results…perhaps Worlds next?


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