Seinfeld: Worth the watch?


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Seinfeld is a sitcom from the 90s starring Jerry Seinfeld (as Jerry Seinfeld), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (as Elaine Benes), Michael Richards (as Cosmo Kramer), and Jason Alexander (as George Costanza). It aired originally on NBC, and had nine successful seasons.

Each episode begins and ends with Jerry Seinfeld performing stand-up comedy. In season one, episode two, titled “The Stakeout”, Jerry and Elaine reveal they’ve ended their relationship and decide to be friends. Elaine becomes jealous later at a friend’s birthday party when she sees Jerry flirting with another woman. Jerry doesn’t end up getting the woman’s phone number, but does find out where she works. Jerry and Elaine leave the party and begin fighting in the car on the way home. Later, Jerry chats with his mom and dad about not getting the woman’s number, and also explains he doesn’t want to ask Elaine for it. He feels he can’t talk to Elaine about other women, so Jerry’s father suggests going to the woman’s work to ask her out. Jerry and George do a stakeout, and Jerry meets Vanessa and the two go out on a date. Later on, Jerry and Elaine are at a wedding where she confesses the real reason she was mad at him in the car was because she hadn’t seen him flirting with other women before. She then tells Jerry she met a man using a stakeout as well, and the episode ends with a stand-up act.

Seinfeld is known by many people as “a show about nothing”, which is exactly what it is – but it works. And aren’t all shows like that in some way? Anyone who has watched an episode of The Real Housewives or Keeping Up with the Kardashians can admit these shows are about nothing but drama and watching people cry. But it’s entertaining. Seinfeld may not have the best stand-up routine out there, or the funniest jokes throughout the show, but it was entertaining enough to stick around for a half hour – and it might even be worth watching the next eight seasons.


7 thoughts on “Seinfeld: Worth the watch?”

  1. It’s definitely worth watching the next eight seasons. The show has no substance and is so ridiculous but it’s a classic. I like to watch it when I need to de-stress. It gets better with age, like most good TV shows . 🙂

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  2. Unpopular comment ahead:
    Seinfeld is not about nothing, like the reality shows you mentioned. It’s about the life of a stand-up comedian and how his life and his material are connected. But, hey. That’s just me.
    I’m really glad you watched it.

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  3. ‘About nothing’ really means about everyday everything haha. I definitely need to watch all the seasons too, as I’ve only seen random episodes at a time. It’d be quite the commitment over our Christmas break though… I’m in! lol

    Glad you liked it! Kramer is the best.


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