little girl has love for curling & helping others in need

Coraline Urquhart may be facing a life changing surgery, but that doesn’t stop her from helping others in need.

The 6-year-old, who lives in Killarney, Manitoba, is having surgery on October 13 to have a kidney removed. Coraline celebrated her sixth birthday on September 28 with a curling themed party.

“She asked us if she could have a big birthday party with everyone in town. I told her I don’t think you need that many presents,” said Urquhart. “She said ‘well what if I give them away?’”

Coraline’s mom suggested donating the toys to the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Coraline loved the idea. On Sunday, September 25, Coraline’s party included various versions of curling games to play, curling themed quizzes on the walls, and maple leaf cookie decorating stations.


Coraline’s birthday cake. Photo provided by Kyla Urquhart.

“I think it helps that her dad and I curl. We are at the rink all winter as a family,” said Urquhart. “It’s something I think a lot of small town prairie kids can relate to.”

The Urquhart’s received two truckloads of toys at the birthday party that will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. If you would like to donate a toy, or find out more about how you can get involved, visit the Children’s Hospital Foundation website at You can also browse through the Dr. Goodbear Gifts catalogue online and choose a toy to donate to the hospital.

image3Guests brought toys to donate to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Photo by Kyla Urquhart.

Coraline’s mom is collecting curling related items to give to her after her surgery. Signed team pictures, autographed shirts/jackets, programs, cards/letters, or a video message from your team at the rink, or anything curling related are all graciously accepted. Coraline is also getting the opportunity to meet Team Jennifer Jones at the 2016 Home Hardware Canada Cup of Curling in Brandon, Manitoba. If you have anything you’d like to donate, please email Kyla Urquhart at

image1Coraline setting up the Curling Canada Rocks & Rings game. Photo provided by Kyla Urquhart.

“People keep asking why she likes curling, particularly women’s curling,” said Urquhart. “As a mom with daughters, I can’t think of another professional sport where men’s and women’s coverage is equal. [They are] an awesome group of professional, competitive, ambitious, relatable, and smart women to watch and look up to!”





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