Cathy Overton-Clapham is a Canadian curler from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the 2008 World Champion, and a 5-time Scotties Tournament of Hearts Champion. She appeared at the tournament 12 times. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to play with her last season. I admire her knowledge and experience she brings to the game. Check out the interview below!

KK: You’ve had so many accomplishments throughout your career. Is there a particular highlight?

CO: I would say winning my first World Championship in 2008.

KK: What is the best shot you’ve been part of?

CO: There’s been many great ones. There’s one that stands out and it was a really simple shot. It was in the World’s. Our skip made a freeze and we needed to steal to force an extra end. It was just a wide open house, and it was a freeze but it was the best probably team shot made.

KK: What do you think of the new broom regulations?

CO: It’s too bad that the brooms have played a big part of the success of a lot of teams in the last year, so it’s nice to see that it’s being monitored. All the broom manufacturers are using the same fabrics. It’s going to go back to the skill of the thrower, and the shots not going to be made all by the brushing. I think it’s a good thing.

KK: You were originally planning on stepping back from curling this year. What changed your mind?

CO: I was asked by three people I feel that are very talented and I didn’t want to see that not work out for them. And I had so much fun with my team last year that I was going to have a hard time stepping back.

KK: You have a new curling team. What does your schedule look like and what are some of your goals?

CO: We have a very busy start to our season. We are [playing] every weekend in September and into the first weekend of October. I think getting off to a good start as a new team, it’s always hard to gel at the beginning, and I think so far we have after one event. I think we’re fortunate that we’ve all played with each other in a combination. We obviously want to make provincials and have a great year and hopefully be one of those teams that make the pre-trials.

KK: What do you do to stay in shape?

CO: I go to yoga quite regularly and I ride my bike often.

KK: What is one thing you’ve taken away from the game?

CO: I’ve met many wonderful people through the game that obviously wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t curl. I have friends all over the world from curling, I’ve got to travel, and I’ve got to see the world from curling. I think at the end of the day having a dream and going after it and working hard to achieve it.

KK: What is one thing you would change in curling?

CO: That’s a good one. Well, as I’m getting older I really love the eight ends over the ten ends. It makes the game more strategic from the very beginning. I love everything about the game, but at the end of the day I’d make it eight ends.

KK: I agree with you. I would definitely go over to eight ends. Is it difficult to juggle curling and having a family?

CO: Yes. I’ve missed many firsts for the kids, but they’ve been so supportive. It’s funny, I don’t know that they know any better but when I wasn’t going to play last year or this year, the comments were [about] what was I going to do all winter. [Laughs] They wanted me to be away I think. I think it was really difficult. I was fortunate I didn’t have to work up until the last few years, so if anything I would say it might have been a little hard on the kids with all the travel. But they’ve been so supportive, so they’ve got to see a lot of the country as well coming to watch a lot of the Scotties. It’s been beneficial for everyone.

KK: On a lighter note, what is your go-to snack between games?

CO: Chocolate covered almonds.


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