Blog Challenge: This post is the challenge for the week. I had to write a 275-word fictional story about someone waking up and all social media has vanished. Seven word maximum.



I wake up on the couch. I sit up and stretch my arms. I make my way to the kitchen. Toast and banana is my breakfast choice.  I slide down the toaster button. I rub my eyes. It is only 7:02 a.m. I pick up my phone. Brunching is the name of my blog. I love to post about food. My banana toast is the feature today. Daily posts are very important. The blog pays my rent. I get 10,000 hits a day. I type the link and hit enter. The page does not load. It is unavailable. I go to open the Instagram app. It has been deleted. Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest too. What is going on? How will I post my breakfast choice? More importantly, how will I pay rent? The toast pops up. I pick up a knife. I slice the banana. I place each piece on the toast. It is incomplete without cinnamon. I sprinkle it on the two slices. I sit on the couch. I’m worried about my job. I can’t lose my blog. It’s something I’m passionate about. I have been writing it for years. I turn the television on. The newscaster says social media is gone forever. The camera shifts to a few interviews. Jerry says they’re upset about it. They use Twitter to follow sports. Sam is upset about Facebook. They use it to communicate with friends. I scoff at the people. None of this is relevant to me. I’m about to lose money. I turn off the television. I bite into the banana toast. The flavours dance on my tongue. I should have been a chef.


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